How do I order my David Earle custom saddle or gunleather?

1. Phone Dave on 0429615289 or alternatively email him at davidearlecustomsaddles@outlook.com.

2. Dave will consult you over the phone your requirements.

3. We send through a no-obligation quote.

4. If you want to go ahead pay your non refundable deposit being half the saddle cost.

5. We will contact you when we are starting on your saddle.

6. Balance of payment due when saddle is complete, alternatively you can make payments throughout the process.

7. Your David Earle custom saddle is yours.

What is the wait time on products?

It is one of the first questions we get asked – How long is the wait?

That depends on a lot of other factors

- How many saddles and gunleather is on order at the time.

- The availability of saddle trees - Even though some saddle maker build their own trees we are fortunate to have several good tree makerswho make rawhide covered saddle trees for us. Due to the demand, there is normally a waiting time for these trees.

- Other work required in a saddle shop – with a shop front I am often called away to make a belt in 15min or do repair work on jobs brough in by other customers. We repair our own saddles and sometimes we repair other well-made saddles as a service. We also make some tack and saddlery.

Every saddle worth his salt is going to have a wait time – if you are not willing to wait then there are plenty of saddles to be found on marketplace and saddleries – but keep in mind, it was not made with you in mind.

At present 2022, we are around 12 months wait on custom leather gear including saddles.

Do you do have payment plans?

We’ve investigated ZIP and Afterpay.  Both have additional charges for merchants.  Afterpay for example, charges 4.17%. 

Our profit margins are incredibly small on all our products which means that if we want to use Afterpay or ZIP, we’d have to raise the cost of all our products by 4.17% (even for customers not using these services) to stay in business.  We want to keep our prices as low as possible, so we have chosen not to sign up to these services.

How do I know if the saddle will fit me and my horse?

The best way to make sure your saddle will fit and be comfortable for your horse is to get the tree right.  If the tree is of good quality, it shouldn’t require complicated saddle fitting. 

Our saddle trees are made in Australia to suit most Australian horses.  Our SQH (semi-quarter horse) pattern suits Australian Stockhorses.  We also have a FQH (full quarter horse) pattern for heavier Stockhorse types and Quarter horses. 

We have a Dennis Lande saddle fitting system we use and for those within 400k of Wondai we are happy to provide that service at a fee.  Outside this area we can arrange postage of measuring system.

What colour leather can I get my saddle?

Can I get stamping?

What’s the difference between rollertop oxxbows and 4- Bar stockman stirrups?