Custom Saddles

We take pride in creating custom saddles, from the tree right through to the seat, custom created with you and your horse in mind. We take the time to hear your story, take the time to listen to your desires and your needs for years to come.

Providing pelvic profiling we can make sure you will be sitting on your balance point - CBC - Comfort + Balance = Confidence, we also use a saddle fitting technique to ensure your saddle will fit your horse. 

Come on in and watch our skilled saddler, David work his passion, crafting each saddle with care and attention to detail.

We believe that the best way to ensure a perfect "fit" is to involve you in the process, so feel free to ask questions and give feedback as we work together to create your custom, legacy saddle. We look forward to working with you and seeing you at our shop!

Western Stock

Dave was inspired to create his version of the Western stock based on his years in the saddle and designing one to suit his own personal needs and comfort.

He knows the importance of a comfortable seat, of being balanced in the seat which will enable you to have confidence in your ride.

Standard Western Style

As part of Cowboy action shooting Dave was inspired to create his version of this saddle for himself, his interpretation of of the 1870 - 1880 American western saddle. 

Dave can create your own version of this saddle once again made on the CBC philosophy.