Our Story

So how did this young cowboy fall in love with leather and become the Saddler he is now?

I decided it was time to share his story - so this is HIS-story.

"Well I suppose it started when I was a young fella, maybe about 12yrs old. My father took me for a trip to Lenny Jensen who used to do leather work and saddlery living at the time in Pallas, Maryborough Queensland.

Lenny sat me down in front of a piece of leather and some stamping tools, my earliest memory of playing with leather.

I enjoyed the way the leather was able to be moulded and express my creativity.

As a young adult I started making my own belts and wallets, tobacco pouches and even tried my hand at a whip. At the time I was working on my Uncles property in Monto.

I spent some time working for motor trimmers which furthered certain skills including sewing, but my love for working with leather became stronger.

Over the next 10yrs I was employed on a Quarter horse stud by Darryl and Leigh Wade in Maryborough on a part time basis. I worked young horses and was given my first saddle which I rebuilt and refashioned numerous times.

During that time I worked under the tutorage of Garry Buzza (Maryborough) who taught me the finer details of saddle making and how to use the leather tools correctly.

I was hooked.

I then spent time working for Lefflers leather as a salesman where I was introduced to many saddlers in the industry.

After Lefflers I was employed by Cobblers corner in Charters Towers making saddles and doing boot/shoe and saddle repairs furthering my skills.

Over the last 25yrs I have continued to master my skill as a saddler and leather craftsman.

I am skilled at many things and my wife reminds me that just because I can doesn't mean I should!

I have been inspired over the years by the likes of Michael Bethel, Able Saddlery and other craftsman of their calibre.

I continue to hone my skills, get pushed out of my comfort zone (thanks wife) and explore new possibilities.

In September 2022 I had the honor of entering a Roping saddle in the Novice class in an event being held for the first time in Australia called the Custom Western Saddle Makers expo.

For now - I will do this until the day I die - leather is forgiving, mouldable, and has allowed me to express my creativity in many ways - the best is yet to come.